Going away?

Protecting your home while you’re away

The summer months, with summer holidays and warmer weather, is the best time to get out and about – but many of us overlook the fact we leave our homes unattended much more frequently, creating an opportunity for would-be burglars.

Plus, in the excitement of leaving for a holiday, whether it’s a fortnight in the sun, or a weekend away, overlooking home security is something that’s easily done. That’s why we wanted to share some handy tips and advice that will help protect your property while you’re away from home…

In the warm summer months it’s common practice to leave a window open to get a pleasant breeze flowing through the house. Unfortunately, this convenient way of keeping your property cool will be seen as an opportunity for thieves.

Government statistics have shown that 30% of burglaries happen through windows. Our simple advice, to give you complete peace of mind while you’re sunning yourself, is to double check all the windows in your house to check are all securely locked.

Protecting the outside of your home

If your shed or outbuilding is currently unsecured, the easiest way of deterring thieves is to pop a padlock on the door. Our weatherproof padlocks can withstand the great Estonian weather, even in exposed locations such as homes by the sea.

What’s more, an anchor used in conjunction with a padlock and cable can be used to secure any garden furniture such as tables, chairs and benches. Anchors are also great for securing high-value items in your shed, such as a jet wash or barbecue.

Last but not least, a reliable bike lock is ideal for securing expensive bicycles and motocycles in a shed or outbuilding.