Moving home?

The big day

You’ve said goodbye to your old place, picked up the new keys, lugged your life around in boxes and finally, closed your new front door for the very first time.

Doubtless, the first night in a new home is always strange – but you should always make time for some essential security updates to be sure your agitation is unfounded.

Who’s got keys to your home?

Everyone talks about making a new house your own, by stripping out old wallpaper, replacing floral curtains and replacing light fixtures and fittings. Updating the security is often overlooked in favour of these more exciting, aesthetic updates.

Around 5% of home burglaries occur because the intruder has a key – are you confident that the previous owner or tenant handed all their copies back, or didn’t leave that spare with a neighbour? They may have forgotten to retrieve a spare key from tradesmen, or if they’d ever left a key under the doormat or in a plant pot, it’s possible that someone could have made a copy and returned it to the hiding place, where no one will ever know it went missing…

Change front and back door lock cylinders when moving home to control who has the keys to your house @YaleSecurity

All being well, your new neighbours will trouble you for no more than a cup of sugar. But isn’t it worth investing in a replacement lock, if only for peace-of-mind?

We recommend you change your front and back door lock cylinders when you move into a property, and then again every five years.

By changing the rim cylinder in a nightlatch, or the euro profile cylinder in a multipoint lock, your home can be secure in minutes, without you having to change the entire lock or door. This is an easy DIY job, as well as an inexpensive one.