Secure your property this summer, whether home or away!


Summer's here!

Now that summer is just around the corner, many of us will be sitting out in the garden, taking the kids to the park, and trawling travel blogs for holiday inspiration; but it’s important not to overlook home security, as research reveals it’s not just homeowners who take advantage of the warmer weather...!

During the summer months, domestic burglaries increase by 10 per cent and outdoor thefts by 40 per cent*, as burglars ramp up activity, taking advantage of unoccupied homes and expensive items left out in the garden.

Our ‘Home & Away’ campaign aims to help raise awareness of the importance of home security and to provide homeowners with tips and advice on how to protect their property this summer.

Check out our infographic for the facts and stats that show why you need to stay secure this summer.

Yale’s top tips for securing your property when you’re AT home:

  • Ensure external timber doors are secured with a mortice lock and/or nightlatch that meet British Standard BS3621. If you have a PVCu or composite door, consider upgrading the cylinder to a British Standard, TS007 Kitemarked model.
  • According to The Home Office, 56 per cent of burglaries take place during the evening, so be wary of leaving windows open on a warm night when you go to bed. Windows should be secured with at least one appropriate, key-operated lock.
  • Protect smaller, more expensive valuables in a home safe. Yale recommends using a safe that is securely bolted to the floor or wall and is big enough to contain expensive jewellery, small electronic gadgets, important documents and gift receipts, as well as items of sentimental value.

Yale’s top tips for securing your property when you’re AWAY FROM home:

  • 60 per cent** of burglaries attempted on homes with alarms fail. Smart home alarms allow homeowners to remotely control devices via their smartphones, receiving notifications, emails and even images if the system is triggered while you’re away.
  • Make it appear as though someone is home by leaving a car on the driveway or investing in security lighting. Yale’s Smart Home Alarm, View & Control Kit features a clever power switch accessory, which allows lights, appliances and other electrical items to be operated using an app on your smartphone!
  • Don’t let post pile up at your door, signalling to thieves that no one is home. Take advantage of the Royal Mail’s ‘Keepsafe’ scheme, where they will hold onto your letters and parcels for up to 66 days and deliver them once you’re safely home again.
  • Perhaps the most obvious home security concern is remembering if you’ve locked the front door. Now with smart locks you can check this remotely using a smartphone app. Some smart locks also have the added benefit of being able to let guests in using a temporary PIN code. This is ideal for granting short-term access to your parents or neighbours who can water the plants or check on the pets for you.
  • Finally, ‘checking in’ at holiday locations on social media or posting photos can be risky, letting potential criminals know you’re away. Take the time to check your settings or wait until you’re home to post online.

Click the graphic below for a printable version of the Yale Summer Security Home & Away checklist!